Xpump Fuel Management System

Fuel management system is designed to effectively measure, control and monitors fuel consumption of vehicles and handle the related payments in a company. The information track on fuel purchases and fuel dispensed by various methods can be stored in the system and reports generated based on fuel consumption by an employee with the use of a particular vehicle. These information are obtain by management in their practices to facilitate in decision making on control of fuel consumption, cost analysis and tax accounting for fuel purchases.

SMS Alert System

SMS alert system is easy-to-use and affordable tool for group text messaging. This SMS platform delivers permission-based mobile text to small and large groups with a click of a button. With almost 90% of all mobile text messages opened within 60 seconds, SMS alert system is fast and secure way to send important text messages, emergency alerts, employee updates, and announcements to your organization members, customers, or company employees..

Payroll Management System

Payroll management system is a method of administering employees salaries in an organization. The process consists of calculation of employee salaries and tax deductions, administrating employee benefits and payment of salaries. Payroll system can also be called as an accounts activity which commences the salary administration of employees in the organization. Our Payroll Management System is fully integrated with accounts and give’s the benefits of simplified Payroll processing and accounting..

Supermarket Warehouse Management System (POS)

This module covers all the functions related to stock handling and sales information management. It is embedded with the pillars of user friendliness, accuracy, and high-speed. The system facilitate in item management, tracking re-order levels, billing and sales document handling. The general stock valuation, stock movements and sales summaries are generated as outputs of warehouse management and POS system.

Accounts Maintenance System

When a company is machine oriented, it’s not an easy task to maintain them up to standard without affecting the smooth operation of the production process. Machine maintenance system store information on machine parts at stock, other related part transactions as well as the co2 cylinder transactions. This will facilitate the organization in preparation of bin cards as well as in generating reports based on date range or location wise for the machine parts issued.